27.04.17 / 2017 People’s Voice Webby for Activism / #ShoutYourAbortion

Designed by Seattle-based design practice Civilization, SYA’s interactive website spotlights women’s abortion stories and allows for users to add their own voice in a variety of formats, archiving the growth of a movement while inviting generative collaboration.

#ShoutYourAbortion is a decentralized network of individuals working to normalize abortion using personal narrative, art, and community engagement. By creating a digital space for abortion narratives and facilitating events that encourage authentic dialogue and community, #ShoutYourAbortion is transforming the conversation by placing real experiences and voices at the center. SYA was founded in 2015 and has been covered by The New York Times, The Guardian, ABC’s Nightline, and The Washington Post.

Civilization is a design practice that builds identities and digital experiences for clients and partners that share their commitment for creating positive change. Civilization has worked with SYA since its inception and the team continues working to cultivate engagement with the fight for reproductive freedom in the digital sphere.

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