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Palette today announced industry first functionality for its first product, Cube. The ultimate creative assistant, Cube captures and digitises the colour of almost any surface.
Cube is the portable colour digitiser that inspires creativity and removes the guess-work from colour matching. With the simple tap of a finger, Cube makes it easy to save, store, and work with real-world colours of inspiration.
Small and precise, Cube uses an internal spherical light source to accurately read surface colour. Once captured, raw values can be stored and displayed across a number of colour spaces including RGB, CMYK, HEX and LAB.
Cube pairs with smartphones to match captured colours with numerous colour libraries, instantly displays coloUr value readouts, and even measures ambient data on-the-go.
An industry first, Cube seamlessly connects to Photoshop via Cube Link, allowing users to match surrounding creative triggers to a host of over 7,500 digital colour profiles, including Pantone.
“From designers to artists, architects to horticulturists — Cube eliminates the complexities of digitizing colour, and combines creativity with practicality.” says Palette Co-Founder Paul Peng.
Turning a fleeting moment of inspiration into the beginning of any creative project, Cube is the essential tool for anyone who works with colour and transitions between the real and the digital.

Cube is available for purchase in the AGDA Shop
Members $174
Publid $214
(Prices include postage and handling).

About Palette
Palette is a young collective of designers and engineers that believe that people become artists when they are provided with the right tools. Cube is our first product that makes colour interactive. It's a portable colour digitiser that allows you to record, match and work with real-world colours. If you love colour, Cube is your essential design companion.
Palette. Creative Tools for Creative People.

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