17.05.17 / The Photographer Captured /#2 Josh Hodges, Tasmania

In this month’s The Photographer Captured, our 5 minute Q&A focuses on another talented Australian creating unique, local content for Getty Images and iStock. This month we catch up with Josh Hodges, who’s been shooting for us since 2009.

Into the light

There’s a distinctive warmth to Josh’s work that comes through as he plays with natural light and candid poses that capture the essence of human relationships. In addition to splitting time between his adopted home in Denmark and his native Tasmania, Josh’s travels have taken him to 51 countries. This worldly view can be seen in his imagery, which often celebrates unique Australian landscapes while maintaining the universality of his captured themes.

Josh’s images for us range from innovative industry and corporate life to families, friendships and travel. His work is a celebration of doing things your own way, of creativity and optimism, and of the bonds between people. All of them are available to license for your next project.

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Josh Hodges on...

Biggest risk you’ve taken?

Every time I fly my drone I think that there is $10,000 worth of camera and drone flying above me. That's still really scary.

How do you think photographers benefit the community?

I think we can show a world where tolerance and understanding for fellow humans can make you happier. I don't think I can change somebody's mind about any one issue, but rather show them how I see things and how that makes me feel.

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be or do?

I studied 2 years at architecture school but there isn't really a job I'd rather be doing.

Who do you go to for advice?

For creative advice, I ask the people I work with or have worked with what they think about my ideas. That includes some of the Getty creative staff who always give good direction.

What or who inspires you most?

Maybe it’s a cliché, but real life, everyday situations inspire me. I want to make real life, real emotions and real light work together in an image.

What’s your plan for the next 48 hours?

I'm planning some shoots around where I am on Tasmania. In 48hrs will be shooting a local, all-girl skate crew started by a dad – should be fun! Also, I’m planning a shoot on a remote island that brings some logistical challenges with it.

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