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Registering to the AGDA website is free. You get limited access to a range of great content and will be added to our mailing list for event invitations and general news. You can upgrade your website registration to an official AGDA membership at any time, to get access to even more great benefits.


Membership Options

Any student enrolled into an accredited Australian full-time or part-time undergraduate course.
Annual Fee $65 inc GST

Recently graduated student from a recognised full-time or part-time course for two years after graduation date.
Annual Fee $120 inc GST

Graphic design or design specialisation eg. illustrator, multimedia, educator, design manager.
Must have 2 to 4 years experience in the industry.
Joining Fee $100 inc GST
Annual Fee $190 inc GST

Individuals in design-related fields such as print, paper merchant, photography etc.
Joining fee $100 inc GST
Annual Fee $290 inc GST

Communication designer or design specialist with a minimum of 4 years professional industry experience.
Joining fee $100 inc GST
Annual Fee $290 inc GST

Corporate Discount
If you are buying 5 or more memberships for your staff, you will receive a 15% discount on the total amount payable.
Please note that the membership remains the property of the individual member. Each member must be an owner, employee, or partner in the same organisation to be eligible for the discount.

Note: Joining fees are only payable by new members and covers the cost of administration for setting up a new member. When you renew your membership, you are only charged the annual membership fee provided your membership has not been lapsed for more than 18 months.

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